Have you started a business and now is the right time to find yourself the right partner to handle your accounting obligations?

A lot of start-ups are our clients, so our service model has developed very well to cater to their specific needs.

We make sure that you don’t need to spend excess time on business administration during the initial stage of starting your business. We offer our customers a flexible environment in which you can submit your accounting material in a way which is most suitable and comfortable for you.

We offer professional advice on matters related to starting up a business and guide you through the early stages of entrepreneurship with confidence.

You can rest assured knowing that your business can be found in the correct registers through us. We handle all declarations to the tax officials and let you know what you have to pay and when.
We guide you through the exciting world of accounting, and we will tell you how to read the financial reports that come from us.

We have developed very clear written instructions on every day challenges, which will help you to focus on what’s most important; being an entrepreneur.

Please feel free to contact us for more information!

Companies looking to change accounting companies

Are you searching for a new accounting partner for your company? Changing accounting companies is not difficult. If need be, the change can be made during the financial year also.
We offer our customers services with a ‘traditional’ or a ‘modern electronic’ service model.

With the traditional model all you need to do is send us your monthly material and we’ll take care of the rest.

With the electronic model we assist you in taking up the Procountor accounting software, which allows you to monitor your financials in real-time; supporting your business activities. Don’t be shy and enquire more!

We also handle rights with the concerned authorities, so that all the declarations to the tax authorities will be duly taken care of.

If you have any special service needs we will sit down together with you to discuss and plan how we can take care of these needs.

Through our partners we can also assist you in matters regarding auditing. We also have experience in TEKES-reporting and management team reporting.

Our customer service forward team can ensure you a rewarding experience.

Please feel free to contact us and arrange a meeting at our office.

Our client benefits include:

- Monthly newsletter
- A great network of entrepreneurs
- An opportunity to present your business at our client events
- An opportunity to expand your network via our Facebook pages
- Friendly service with a smile
- Customer care with document submission reminders
- A personal bookkeeper