Changes in the Entrepreneur’s Accident Insurance Act

An entrepreneur is no longer part of the company’s compulsory work insurance scheme. YEL-insured entrepreneurs are insured with the new work accidents and occupational diseases law during their working hours. The principles of the Pensions Act are followed for the entrepreneur’s accident insurance. You are an entrepreneur if you are in a senior position and you are a shareholder in the company and own more than 30 per cent of the share capital or voting rights, if you are a shareholder in the company that owns more than 50 percent of the share capital or voting rights and own at least one share for yourself, if you are a partner in a partnership, or if you are a general partner in a limited partnership.

Please note! Indirect ownership is taken into account when calculating the ownership interest.

The premium of voluntary insurance for entrepreneurs, as well as compensation for loss of earnings and family pension is based on the confirmed YEL-income under the Pensions Act. A full-time entrepreneur should insure himself with the entrepreneur’s accident insurance. This insurance is valid for both work and leisure time. An entrepreneur who runs their business as a side business can choose an accident insurance for working hours as well as fitness training accident insurance in addition.