Entrepreneurs, do you master your social media channels?

SOME marketing is very important for all entrepreneurs, because it creates a very good platform for marketing. We strongly believe that if you’re not SOME, your company does not exist. Although you may be advertising your company on other platforms, many potential customers want to see and read more. In SOME it’s easy to create a more detailed picture of the company and to build trust. It is important to note that the content should be relevant to your business in some way. The content must also be uniform. Here’s how you should manage your SOME channels:


Photos stand out most. We recommend you to follow companies that are at the top of your industry and other enthusiasts in the field. It is advisable to also tweet in different languages and use a lot of hashtags. Active companies publish about 5-25 Tweets a day. If you tweet several times a day, make sure to pace the tweets in a way that avoids backlogging.


The most used language in LinkedIn is English, and this is the best channel for recruiting as well as for company-related posts. It is possible to blog on LinkedIn, but the content should be very professional. Silly pictures and selfies should not find their way to your LinkedIn profile. Don’t request to connect with strangers, but do follow interesting companies.


Google+ is good in that sense that you can follow topics of interest without having to follow people themselves. Here you will find people, businesses and communities. As with LinkedIn, the official language is English. Google+ is also very image-oriented. Long posts are well suited to this channel and we recommend to post about 2-3 publications a day.


Through Facebook companies can make their updates public. You can follow these public posts without having to like the company page. However, Facebook is worth investing in, as visibility is not very good without advertising. However, Facebook is a very inexpensive way to advertise a business. Facebook posts should be short, and you should attach pictures to them. We don’t recommend you to make too make updates to Facebook; a maximum of 3 a day.


In Instagram colorful and fun pictures work best. Like in Twitter, hashtags should be used in large quantities in Instagram. You can upload many pictures to Instagram a day, but we recommend you to time them so that you don’t make more than one post per hour.


Pinterest is a highly picture-oriented SOME channel. Subjects should be divided into boards and you can follow boards rather than following the entire profile. You can make many more publications to Pinterest than is recommended for the other SOME channels. Hashtags are not usually used in Pinterest, but you may of course use them. However, we do urge you to avoid them.