How can I manage work stress?

Work stress is a common problem and returning to work from the summer holidays can be challenging. A soft landing back to work by taking time to get back into your daily routines is the best way to avoid post-holiday work stress, but what about managing work stress otherwise? Here are some useful tips on how to manage work stress:


  1. Don’t be afraid to say no, because you don’t have to take on every single task given to you. A person cannot be expected to have time for everything and your boss would prefer that you do your work properly and with care rather than taking on all the work you can get. If you are an entrepreneur, don’t be afraid to say no to yourself and learn to delegate work that you don’t have time for. Entrepreneurs without employees are advised to outsource tasks such as bookkeeping that they don’t have time for.


  1. Don’t read work e-mails during free time. People don’t expect a response outside office hours and most matters are not so urgent that they can’t wait until the next morning.


  1. Prioritize. Work should not be prioritized over health, well-being and family. Remember that work is just work and it’s simple done for a living.


  1. Set small goals and schedule your day accordingly. Don’t let e-mails distract you from completing these goals; you can check them once you have completed your daily goals. We recommend setting five small goals daily.


Remember to keep mini-breaks throughout the day. Let yourself relax even at work.