What defines a good accounting company?

We believe that a good accounting company is one that is professional, customer oriented, as well as one that is up-to-date on the latest accounting software. In a good accounting company employees are professionals in their field and ensure that that their skills are up-to-date. They must have the know-how to do traditional as well as electronic accounting. A good accounting company gives their customers personalized services and is cooperative as well as flexible. They also advice their customers in a language that is easy for a ‘human’ to understand and don’t complicate matters.

Multiple small business owners are of the opinion that a good accounting company should not cost much, however, we believe that an accounting company that does more than just accounting and gives advice to its customers is one worth paying more for. Finance professionals are able to tell the client things that they do not necessarily see themselves, and advise the customer as required. Entrepreneurs should take advantage of their accountant’s skills as much as possible, because the right advice often brings savings to the entrepreneur; therefore justifying the higher cost of accounting services.

A good accounting company develops its employees’ skills and provides support for junior accountants and gives them a wide range of tasks to further develop their skills. Experienced accountants should receive tasks which are challenging and consultative to increase their motivation. A good accounting company hires junior as well as experienced accountants into their team; at least in our opinion. In addition, the entrepreneur himself should be interested in the company’s clients as well as the reputation of the company. He should involve himself in the day-to-day activities of the company as much as possible.

A good accounting company must have a good network of partners; it allows the company to offer services such as legal services to its customers through their network. Active cooperation with software companies is a definite sign of a good accounting company as a good accounting company keeps itself up-to-date on the latest developments in accounting software. Most importantly, a good accounting company has good relations and actively cooperates with authorities such as the Tax Office and auditors.

A good accounting company has happy employers who are energetic and possess positive attitudes. The workers’ attitudes are an important hallmark of a good accounting company. The energy of a good accounting company is contagious.