What do I do if a receipt is lost?


It’s not rare that a receipt goes missing. Receipts might also go missing from mobile applications. It is easy to get a copy of an invoice but for a payment made with cash or credit card, a copy may not be possible to obtain.


If a receipt is missing and no copies are available, an entrepreneur that is required to do bookkeeping can lawfully draw up statement of the purchase. This statement should indicate what has been purchased, from whom, when and what was paid for it. However, you will not get VAT deductions from these statements. As the statement is not an official receipt, it can be sent to your bookkeeper as an e-mail with the required information.


If many receipts are missing, the tax authorities might look at this as a deliberate act. This will cause the tax authorities to see the purchases as private expenses not to be registered in the company expenses. For this reason it is necessary to keep good care of the company’s receipts and invoices. However, this is only a concern during a tax audit.


To conclude, if a receipt is missing and no copies are obtainable, make a statement yourself; don’t leave any expenses out of bookkeeping.