What should I know about the Tax Debt Register?

Anyone can access ytj.fi’s database to see whether a company has outstanding tax liabilities and negligence in tax return filing. The euro amount of the debt will not be published, but if the company has more than € 10,000 in overdue tax debt, they will receive an entry of tax debt register information in the registry. However, if the company has a valid payment plan with the Tax Administration, a payment plan currently in force within the meaning of the Restructuring of Enterprises Act or a payment plan currently in force within the meaning of the Act governing the Adjustment of Debts of a Private Individual, no tax debt register information is displayed in the registry. Missing seasonal tax returns will also cause the company to be entered into the registry, even if the company doesn’t have a penny of debt. Prepayments of tax that are overdue may also cause an entry in the Tax Debt Register. However, this does not happen until a reminder of the due date has been sent to the taxpayer.

The company usually gets publicized in the registry a fortnight after a debt reminder is sent to those companies, which are often subject to debt. It will appear in four weeks for those companies who generally pay their debts on time.

When the debt of the company becomes less than € 10,000, they will be removed from the registry automatically. This will also happen when the Tax Administration receives notification of a payment plan or when the missing information is forwarded to the Tax Administration in the case of missing tax returns. Having an appeal against your tax assessment does not prevent the public display of tax debt register information.

An alert about missing VAT withholdings and social security payments appears in the tax account statement of the company, so that should be checked on a monthly basis. You can check your tax account statement in the tax account online service on the 22nd of every month. So when the tax is due on the 12th of the month, the alert will appear on the 22nd. If there is no word from the company for two weeks after that, the cautionary marking will be publicized. Should you have a negative tax account, a payment plan should immediately be agreed with the Tax Administration, because the payment plan allows the company to avoid new tax liabilities and reporting deficiencies. If your tax account is negative because of an error, please send a notification promptly so that the error can be corrected as quickly as possible.

Please ensure that your periodic tax declarations are submitted to the Tax Administration no later than their due date. By outsourcing bookkeeping, you share this risk with your accountant. If your accountant makes a mistake, resulting in costs to the entrepreneur, the entrepreneur is usually compensated for it; at least in our company.