A New Year; More of the Same and Even More

Wow, what a year! We’ve been very busy this year and have accomplished a lot. This year a lot of good things have happened in our accounting company and we grew in terms of turnover as well as number of clients. Despite being very busy, we managed to publish our new website and at the same time improve our image. We also managed to develop a new service together with our partner called paprut.fi, so that we can provide even better service to our customers. Our customer satisfaction has remained good, which we are very grateful for and we will continue to remain humble throughout our journey of growth and development. The highlight of the year would have to be the fact that we opened our own online store for our services and we may be the first accounting company to do so in Finland. You can visit our online store by clicking this link.

Although we accomplished a lot this year, we have many goals for the year 2016. We wish to complete the next chapter of our growth in the next year and we will continue to emphasize innovation in terms of developing new and better ways to give service to our customers. We want to develop tools to make the daily lives of our clients easier.

However, we ask, how can we help our customers grow as well?

It has been an absolute pleasure to serve such brilliant customers in the year 2015 and with that being said, we wish you all a great new year 2016!